PhoneMe.Money - A safe, secure, reliable service

Security, Privacy, and Peace of Mind

Security, Privacy, and Peace of Mind

We have designed our service from the ground up to be secure and protect your information and your funds.
Let's go through how it works.


The only person accessing your account is you.

  • You have the option to signup using a social account or email/password.
  • Security of your signup information (email/password signup).
    Registration email/passwords are protected because we use an industry standard service from Microsoft, rather than creating and maintaining our own. We do not have access to your password information.
  • Security of your signup information (social account signup).
    You can signup with a social account from Google / Microsoft / Apple.
    Your password is protected by your social account provider and is never shared with us.
  • Security of your mobile phone app.
    We use biometric security (fingerprint) on the phone app where available or PIN for securing the app and payment screens. There are user configurable security settings so that you can match your security level to your needs.
  • Security and peace of mind in case of loss of phone.
    You can login through the signin website and set your account to read only.
    This ensures that no transactions are possible from the phone.

Your private information is kept secure.

  • Privacy of your bank information for individuals
    As an individual, you don't have to give any banking details to us if you just want to topup and pay others. You don't have to share your banking details with anyone else to pay or be paid.
  • Privacy of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    If you verify your identity you will be asked to provide details and photos of your drivers licence or passport. We use best practice encryption approaches when gathering and storing private information about you, with separated encryption keys and storage.
Peace of Mind

You can sleep easy knowing your money is safe

  • Protection of your online funds
    All funds in your balance are held in trust for you in trust accounts which are kept separate from the operational aspect of the company. That means that your funds are always protected, present, and available, either for payment to others or withdrawal to your own NZ Bank account.
  • Withdrawal of your online funds
    When you have a withdrawal account verified, you can withdrawal funds from your balance whenever you want. There is a 1% fee on withdrawals and a minimum fee - see fees page for details. We verify your account with you via a code on a small payment so that we can guarantee that we have your details correctly. This way further bank payments can be made with complete confidence.
  • Peace of mind - No credit card information
    We do not require credit card registration so you never have to worry about that.
  • Peace of mind - No overdrafts or debt. No monthly fees.
    PhoneMe.Money is a positive balance only service. You can never accrue debt or get into overdraft. And your balance does not get eaten away with monthly fees. Your balance will all still be there if you take a break.
  • Integrity and Protection of your balance and transactions.
    All your transactions are stored in an online database with best practice replication and backup protection.