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What's it about?

Easy and fast way to pay & get paid

Social Payment Solution

It's simple, social, and removes concerns about money being lost or going elsewhere.
And It's easy to get started. You can join as a individual, sole trader, or registered business or organisation - Find out more here

  • Scan QR for Payment
  • Make a Payment
  • Review your Contacts and Favourites
  • Transactions (Payments and Receipts)
  • Notifications

Its all about you and your payments

See at your balance anytime.

Scan, select a friend, pay a business

Any business, friend, club, local market.
Just install and go.

  • Set your details
  • Make a payment
  • Review your payment ledger
  • Check your notifications (notices).

The menu shows your profile information at the top and links for the 4 areas. Additional links:

  • Profile
  • User Settings
  • About
  • Logout
One minute instruction videos.

Register and Configure as a User

Sign up using a social account

You can signup using social account like Google, Apple, Microsoft

Sign up using email/pwd

You can signup using email and password

Next steps - set profile picture

We provide a checklist of setup tasks. For example set your profile picture using the camera or pick a picture

One minute instruction videos.

Scan a QR code

You can easily pay by scanning a QR code. A fixed price and description appears and you press Pay

Pay any amount

You can easily pay a merchant any amount via the entry screen

Buy selected products

You can easily pay a merchant by selecting from their product list

One minute instruction videos.

Topup the Wallet from your bank

Topup to Pending

When you make a topup, we show your funds are pending

Topup Payment

The bank payment reaches the service and your balance increases

Topup Payment showing Pending

The bank payment reaches the service and your balance increases

One minute instruction videos.

Withdraw from the Wallet to Bank

Saving bank details

To withdraw funds you have to tell us your bank account

Confirmation payment

We send you a test payment to ensure the details are correct

Withdraw funds

Withdraw all or some of your funds back to your bank account. See the fee charged.