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Connect with friends.

PhoneMe.Money works better when you connect.

PhoneMe.Money is better when you connect with friends, families, clubs and businesses.

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Sell at the gate.

Do you sell at the gate?

Do you run a honesty box? Not quite sure if you have money in the box? Use PhoneMe.Money to never have to collect cash at the gate again. Use a QR Code instead and be notified whenever you have a sale.

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Difficult to donate? Not anymore.

Donate to a charity or good cause even when you have no change. And you can make micro-donations to match your budget

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Sole Trader

No fixed abode - festivals, markets.

For sole traders with very small margins you can take advantage of remote payments, transaction notification, and customer interactions from their phone.

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Small Business

Tight Margins?

No transaction fee is great news for business on a tight margin.

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Sporting Club

Organising payments and cash problems?

No more scratching for cash when you go along to a club or society meeting. And no more cash & change issues for the club organisers

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Keep track of donations.

It is good to give, but its a lot easier for everyone if its electronic. Traceable receipts fully tax deductable.

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School donations and payments.

Paying for school activities is much simpler with PhoneMe.Money, and the school can send bill requests

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