Getting Started

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Last updated: Setptember 9, 2021

Get Started Instructions

Permissions and Information required

  • The app requests a mobile phone number.
  • A confirmation is sent as a text message.
  • We don't need to know about your bank account until you withdraw funds.
  • The app requests to read phone contacts as this is how we can help you pay others.
  • The app requests to use the camera if you want to take a profile photo.
  • The app requests to read your files if you want to choose an image from your gallery for your profile photo.

New user - SignUp

Simple 3 step process to register as a new user

  • Download the app.
  • Register as a new user: we recommend using a social account if you have one but you can use email/pwd too.
  • Registration is through "Microsoft Online" - Apple users get a notification about redirecting to "" as this is the cloud service used for sign-in authentication

You get to choose the type of registration you want, a social account is the easiest way to signup

If you choose to Sign-up with email you will be asked some questions

You then get asked to register your mobile number which involves a confirmation code sent by text message.


Once registered and signed in you can:

 Set Profile information
  • Personalise your Profile by setting your display name & profile image. You see other users' display name & profile image in your contacts and payments and they see yours.

 Add favourites.

  • Check your phone contacts can be seen ok
  • Assign some favourites from your phone contacts - tap the star. They will now appear on your favourites tab.

Make and Receive KeepTracks

 Receive a KeepTrack from another user.

  • As soon as you sign up, any other user can pay you by using your phone number.
  • You receive a notification and your keeptrack points increases.
  • The list of keeptracks is on the ledger page.
  • Tap a keeptrack to see details.

 Topup your account - payments page | bank transfer tab.

  • Topup is the way to add funds to PhoneMe.Money.
  • You will be asked to make an online bank payment to a PhoneMe.Money bank account.
  • Once your funds clear your balance increases.

 Make a payment for goods and services

  • With a positive balance you can pay merchants for goods and services, just by using their phone number
  • You can add a message and emoji's on the payment page.
  • The other user should get the payment immediately.
  • Your balance will decrease immediately.

More information

There are several links on the about menu, but here are two: