PhoneMe.Money - Service Tiers

Service Tier

All about service tiers

The PhoneMe.Money app allows, at the lowest tier, keeptracks between individuals, and at the verified tier peer-to-peer payments between users and companies.

01.Starter Tier

When starting out you will not have verified your identity however we do ask for a email and mobile number. At that point you will be in 'Starter Tier'. This gives you the KeepTrack service - a points ledger you can use between you and your friends.

02.Validated Tier

After you have gone through the CDD app providing further identity information - required by law - to fulfill AML regulations of New Zealand, you move to 'Validated Tier'. At this level you can 'topup' your balance and pay companies.

By registering a bank account number you can also allow others to pay you directly from the service. The user never needs to know your number to do this it is housed securely and encrypted by PhoneMe.Money.

03.Business Tier

By registering as a business or merchant, or club, charity, church, or sole trader you can allow others to pay you directly from the service- from their wallet. A instant peer-to-peer payment. This requires you to fulfill the 'Business-On-Boarding' requirements.