Anti-Money Laundering Requirements

What is required for AML?

Upgrade Requirements*

Valid as of 1-Jun-2021.

PhoneMe.Money Upgrade Tier

You can upgrade from Starter Tier to Verified Tier by completing this identification step.

Please Download the Due Diligence Application to complete this process.

PhoneMe.Money Document guidelines

If you have current ID like a driving licence or passport and a current bank statement in your name, this should just take a couple of minutes. There are some options for acceptable documentation, so this is outlined below.

Why we need this information

In 2013 banks and financial institutions became subject to the verification of identity requirements introduced by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (Act). Just like a bank we need information about you to fulfill the legislation.

For required due diligence a person must supply a photographic identification, a picture of themselves, and a recent utility bill.

Photographic ID - what is valid.

All individuals must provide us with a form of Photographic identification which must contain a photograph, your full given name and date of birth. from the options listed below.

  • New Zealand Drivers License (with Waka Kotahi (NZTA) verification)
  • Passport (NZ or overseas)
  • NZ certificate of identity
  • New Zealand refugee travel document
  • Emergency travel document
  • Document issued for the purpose of international travel
  • New Zealand firearms licence
  • National identity card

Proof of address - what is valid.

All individuals must provide us with Proof of residential address from the options listed below.

  • A recent account statement from your bank
  • A recent statement issued by a government agency (such as IRD)
  • A recent utilities bill (including power, rates, phone, TV)
  • Insurance policy document
  • Tenancy agreement or unexpired rental agreement
  • Correspondence from a Government Agency e.g. IRD, WINZ, NZTA, Electoral Commission
  • Property Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • NZ registered superannuation/KiwiSaver scheme

The documents must:

  • be originals
  • not defaced or damaged
  • current or otherwise expired within the 12 months of presenting to us and clearly displays the expiry date

Proof of address documents must:

  • include your name
  • be issued in the preceding 12 months of presentation to us
  • include a unique reference such as IRD number, customer number, registered membership number, tenancy bond reference.
  • include your current residential address
  • a PO Box is not acceptable unless the document includes your residential address and above details

Overseas passports:

Overseas passports or similar document issued for international travel must contain name, date of birth and clear show your signature or biometric measure. It must be issued by a foreign government, the United Nations, or agency of the United Nations. It must be current.

National identity card:

The national identity card must be one issued by a foreign government, United Nations or an agency of the United Nations for the purpose of identification and carry the name, date of birth, photograph and signature or biometric measure. It must be current

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