Payment benefits

Mobile payment benefits

Mobile Payment Benefits.

Mobile payments give wide range of advantages

Touch-free transactions.

PhoneMe.Money gives you a simple, no-contact way to pay. Each vendor or group has a unique PhoneMe.Money code so you just scan or select, pay and go.

Remote Payments.

Purchase remotely and collect on notification. No longer stand in a queue waiting to pay - pay from the table.

No more paper receipts.

You get electronic receipts for all your purchases that will never get lost or fade. Easy to claim for expenses.

Track spending for the budget-conscious.

You always know your balance and how much you have spent, so no surprises at the end of the month

Pay charities, businesses, events.

Select directly from the app your favourite stores, charities or social events. Any amount.

Smart purchasing.

You can follow all you payment histories and look back at your interactions with others

For every type of business

PhoneMe.Money can make your payment services easier.