Data Deletion Policy

Data Deletion

Personal Data Deletion Instructions

Users provide PhoneMe.Money with certain personal information in order to use the service. These instructions describe how you can request data to be deleted.

Certain data is required by New Zealand law (AML/CFT legislation) to be retained for a number of years. This includes transactions and identity verification information. We cannot delete this information at your request. The identity verification information is deleted at the end of this time after the account has been deactivated.

Changing your personal profile

You can change/remove personal profile information you have provided on the Profile Page. You can remove your personal photo and personal details as shown on the profile page. Your account will still be active with the same balance and same mobile number.

Deleting your account

You can delete your account at any stage from the Profile page through the web interface using the Delete Account option. The app will assist you to withdraw any remaining funds.