Peer to Peer payments

without money

KeepTrack service for PhoneMe.Money

Get all the benefits of smart instant payments without the hassles of verifying ID, balances, or fees.
Make peer-to-peer payments without money between friends, family, and colleagues.
If you buy lunch for a friend and they buy you a drink later, why move money around when you could use a virtual tally. It all evens out in the end.

KeepTrack - trust based tracking between friends

You probably try to do this in your head, but how often do you forget. It can be embarrasing or annoying depending on whose turn it is.
What if you tried to remember 5 of these - really hard. Or 10 or 50 - literally impossible.
You need a handy assistant who never forgets.

Don't lose track, KeepTrack

  • Buy a coffee for your friend.
  • Another friend buys lunch
  • You buy pizzas for a meetup at your house
  • Weekly lunch run at work, keep a tally with your colleagues
  • You play an informal team sport and one person pays entry / subs etc

Instant and immediate from your phone

  • Just jot the amount and send to your friend
  • Add to your joint tally
  • Never lose track
  • No need to remember, and no worries about forgetting
  • No embarrassment or arguments
  • Scan QR Codes for use with groups