Sole Trader Sign Up for PhoneMe.Money.

How to Sign up as a Sole Trader with PhoneMe.Money

If you sell goods or services, such as a company, charity, sole trader, club/society, or any small sellers then you can register as a Business user. You should use this website to onboard your business. After onboarding you can download the PhoneMe.Money App to receive notification of payments.
It is a simple step by step process to sign up as a merchant for PhoneMe.Money.
You can see a short video of how to do this for Sole Traders or Registered Organisations

Sign up steps

  1. Press the Sign Up as a Merchant button below.
  2. You will be presented with a page where you can sign up using a social account like Google / Apple / Microsoft; or you can sign up using an email and password.
    Like this:

  3. Next, register a mobile phone number and verify it with a code we provide
  4. Then follow a business registration wizard which collects trading information and bank account details.
  5. After that, you have the option to set up products and generate custom QR Codes ready to receive payments.
  6. To receive payments confirm your identity through our online process.
    You do this using our Online Identification app

Start your merchant sign up process here


We cannot register certain types of organisations and companies due to our AML* risk assessment. We hope to reduce these restrictions over time. You can view a list below but it includes gambling, complex company ownership, types of charities amongst others.
Merchants have to provide visual proof of their registered trading bank account.
Merchants have to confirm identity to receive payments.
If your business is NZBN registered (company, charity or incorporates society) we can lookup your details automatically.
This service exists to make payments easier for legal businesses, organisations, and sole traders. See our full Terms & Conditions. Illegal or illicit trading activity is prohibited.

Security & Privacy

We have designed our service from the ground up to be secure and protect your information and your funds.

We use an industry standard service for sign up and authentication provided by Microsoft and we do not have access to your password.
We use biometric security such as fingerprint (or PIN) to protect access to the app and payment screens. Settings are configurable.
All funds in your balance are held in trust for you in trust accounts which are only for this purpose. That means that your funds are always protected, present, and available, either for payment to others or withdrawal to your own NZ Bank account

See our complete security description.

*AML = Anti Money Laundering. The NZ AML/CFT Act 2009 imposes requirements on financial service providers like the PhoneMe.Money payment service. We constantly review our service to confirm our risk assessment against various industries and organisations. As time progresses we expect to broaden our offering to more businesses and organisations.

Current restrictions:
Restricted industry sectors: Financial Services, Gambling, Crypto exchanges
Restricted registration: non-NZ companies
Restricted charities and societies: non-NZ focus and disbursement
Contact for more details if you want to register a company with a complex ownership structure such as ultimate holding company or non-person major shareholders