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Social Payment Solution

It's simple, social, and removes concerns about money being lost or going elsewhere.
And It's easy to get started.

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Our Vision.

Bridging the digital divide.

Our vision is to bridge the digital divide with smart contactless payments

Smart mobile payments should be simple and everywhere, for everyone in NZ.
We are bridging the digital divide by creating an instant, social, and accessible payment system which does not need cards or terminals so there is no barrier to take part.

We chose Kate Shepherd ( from the $10 note ) representing universal suffrage and economic independence for all, to embody our goal that everyone can take part in smart digital payments.




  • instant, social, and accessible (no cards or terminals needed).
  • work for big businesses and tiny merchants.
  • work face to face and far away.
  • connect and bring people and local communities closer together.
  • allow us all to donate no matter how small the amount because together we can make a difference.


  • Kiwi Owned by Kiwi Founders
  • Will be registered as a Financial Service Provider
  • Service will be fully compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Legislation
  • Funds will be held in Trust in a NZ Bank
  • No international ownership
  • All staff will be in NZ and Taxes paid in NZ
  • We do not sell your private information - you are not the product
  • No ads

Peace of mind

  • You can start small, build up
  • Looking to make all NZ payments easier no matter how small
  • No credit card details required or stored
  • All users (using financial features) are known and identified by the service
  • All companies / societies / charities are matched to official registers

Secure & Capable (read more)

  • Secure and Scalable platform
  • Biometric (fingerprint) security for mobile app
  • Integrated with NZ specific services
  • Best practice encryption for personal information and identity documentation
  • User signin / registration (passwords / social media accounts) provided by Microsoft
Mobile Payment Benefits.

Mobile payments give wide range of advantages

Touch-free transactions.

PhoneMe.Money gives you a simple, no-contact way to pay. Each vendor or group has a unique PhoneMe.Money code so you just scan or select, pay and go.

Remote Payments.

Purchase remotely and collect on notification. No longer stand in a queue waiting to pay - pay from the table.

No more paper receipts.

You get electronic receipts for all your purchases that will never get lost or fade. Easy to claim for expenses.

Track spending for the budget-conscious.

You always know your balance and how much you have spent, so no surprises at the end of the month

Pay charities, businesses, events.

Select directly from the app your favourite stores, charities or social events. Any amount.

Smart purchasing.

You can follow all you payment histories and look back at your interactions with others


Check what people are saying about us

I have used services like this overseas. Very interested in a NZ service.

Jeffrey Ling

Christcurch Resident

We are looking forward to trying this at our next event.

Jason Newton

Restaurant and Events Manager

As a small club, we are looking forward to using this for our regular events and go cashless

Suzs Sundheim

Secretary, AimTru Archers

For every type of business

PhoneMe.Money can make your payment services easier.