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Sole Trader

Sole Trader 28th July

No fixed abode? No problem.

If you can get your customers to find you they can always pay on the app.

We know it's difficult to have cash or the right change in your pocket..and so to does your customers.

The solution is use your mobile phone.

You can instantly tell if someone has purchased your items. You can know exactly the sales you are making in real-time.

Create QR codes for scannable purchases - right on the website. You can create ad-hoc payments or set value payments at any value. Or you can list products and prices.

No equipment hire or monthly fees.

Unlike Paywave & EFTPOS which are only available in stores we let you make a payment to any registed business on the service. And unlike online banking apps you don't need bank account numbers, we use the phone numbers of your friends and contacts.

Once you are up and running you can say to others don't give me cash, just phone me the money... The annoying problems of handling cash, banking cash, and having change disappears. You can also allow for remote sales by your local community members so you can now allow forward purchasing.

You can withdraw money from PhoneMe.Money at any stage into your bank account. The only fee for the seller for all of these services is a withdrawal fee of 1.0%* (see the fee structure listed on the website.) - using your phone app - so you never need to go to a bank.