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Club 5th August

No more cash & change issues for the club organisers

No more scratching for cash when you go along to a club meeting.

Having tight margins to be competitive can be difficult when transaction fees are on every transaction. Why not move to fees only on withdraws?

PhoneMe.Money is a payment environment that you can both buy from and sell to.

Having both the ability to accept and make payments using PhoneMe.Money you can reduce your fees.

Taking the pain out of payments.

Set your club up on PhoneMe.Money and your members will be able to pay you directly from their phone. No more cash hassles. Smart instant payments.

As a club you can set up products to buy as well as accept value amounts. You will be instantly notified when someone purchases. All transactions are logged and receipted so the event organiser and the treasurer see the same information.

Scan to pay, at your event.

Speed up the payment line by making it simple to collect payments. Let your members scan to pay.

Create QR codes for scannable purchases - right on the website. You can create a list of products and prices. Or you can create one-off payment codes for any occasion. Print them off so members can scan in front of you or self check out (whichever suits your club).

You can also allow for remote (buy before they set off) sales by your members so you can now allow prepaid orders. That gives you the guarantee of payment to go and prepare for the event. And it's easy to refund as well. No charge back costs or fees.

No equipment hire or monthly fees.

Unlike Online payments, or infrastructure payments such as Paywave & EFTPOS we let you make a payment to any registed business on the service at no cost.
And unlike online banking apps you don't need bank account numbers, we use the phone numbers of your friends and contacts as long as they have registered.
Get your club members to sign up - it costs nothing to join up - and say goodby to floats, change, and cash.

Fess are on withdrawals only.

Also, fees aren't based on each transaction its calculated from the amount you withdraw. And so by using the whole service you can reduce fees.

PhoneMe.Money lets you accept payments and also make payments. Being a club, you get to decide whether you want to withdraw all or just a part of the amount. The rest, left in the environment, can be used to pay others, volunteers and helpers, prizes or be held for later, or withdrawn at any time.

You can also purchase using PhoneMe.Money and get all the benefits of instant, contactless, and smart experience. Using PhoneMe.Money this way gives you the freedom to reduce your costs, and pay anyone on the platform.

Refund from your app.

In these uncertain times you may have to refund back. From PhoneMe.Money refund straight from the app with a push of a button. Each payment to the club creates a reciept. A refund is just a wallet payment -its as easy as a push of a button to send back the payment. The cost of refunding is only the time to open the app and push the refund button.

Anywhere, any place, anytime.

Once you are up and running you can say to others don't give me cash, just phone me the money...

The annoying problems of handling cash, banking cash, and having change disappears. You can withdraw money from PhoneMe.Money at any stage into your bank account.
The only fee for the seller for all of these services is a withdrawal fee of 1.0%* (see the fee structure listed on the website.)

- using your phone app - you never need to go to a bank.

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