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Church 5th August

No more cash & change issues - and your parishioners will not need to scratch around for cash.

Online gifting and giving is so much easier - using a phone app like PhoneMe.Money is simple for everyone.

PhoneMe.Money is a payment environment that you can both buy from and sell to. By both accepting payments and making payments in PhoneMe.Money you can create a community.

Use PhoneMe.Money make it a breeze to give to your church.

Churches are not places that need to sort out online payments - with PhoneMe.Money you can onboard in just a few minutes and start accepting payments. But not only can you accept but you can pay members too, if you have volunteers and helpers.

You can be notified when someone purchases or donates, and all transactions are logged and receipted. PhoneMe.Money lets you accept payments and also make payments. Using PhoneMe.Money this way gives you the freedom to reduce your costs, and pay anyone on the platform.

No equipment hire or monthly fees.

Unlike Online payments, or infrastructure payments such as Paywave & EFTPOS you dont need any other hardware but your phone. Get your church members to sign up - it costs nothing to join up - and say goodby to floats, change, and cash. Once you are up and running you can say to the congregation don't give cash, just phone the donation.

Other benefits such as creating QR codes for scannable purchases - right on the website. You can create product lists of common items to buy, or create one-off purchase items.

The annoying problems of handling cash, banking cash, and having change disappears. You can also allow for remote sales by your members so you can now allow forward gifting and gifting for special events - even when your members aren't at church. You can withdraw money from PhoneMe.Money at any stage into your bank account. The only fee for the church for all of these services is a withdrawal fee of 1.0%* (see the fee structure listed on the website.) - using your phone app - you never need to go to a bank.

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